Filter Stream

This is a reference for the filters available in Filter Stream.

Filter Stream filters the Stream's issues and displays them.

Filter Streams are added from the Add Filter Stream menu in the Stream menu. Or, to create a top-level stream, add it from the Add Filter Stream top-level menu. It is also possible to apply a Filter temporarily.

The filters available in the Filter Stream are pretty much the same as in the Stream, but note that some of them are slightly different.

State of issues


is:issue, is:pr

Issues only, pull requests only

is:open, is:closed

Opened issues, closed issues

is:merged, is:unmerged

Merged issues, unmerged issues

draft:true, draft:false

Draft issues, not draft issue‌s

is:read, is:unread

Read issues, unread issues

is:bookmark, is:unbookmark

Bookmarked issues, not bookmarked issue

is:archived, is:unarchived

Archived issues, not archived issues

is:private, is:unprivate

Private repository issues, not private repository issues

Involve users and teams



User involved issues


User created issues


User assigned issues


User mentioned issues


Team mentioned issues

Multiple filters of the same type can be specified as OR conditions. For example, involves:defunkt involves:jlord is issues involving defunkt or jlord.

involves as well as author, assignee, mentions,commenter and review-requested all together.‌

Pull requests review



Pull requests where the user/team has requested a review


User reviewed pull requests

Specifying multiple queries of the same type is an OR condition. For example, review-requested:defunkt review-requested:jlord is pull requests where defunkt or jlord is the review request.

Repository and Organization



Repository issues


Organization issues


User issues

Specifying multiple queries of the same type is an OR condition. For example, repo:nodejs/node repo:electron/electron is issues of nodejs/node or electron/electron.

Label, milestone, etc


label:bug, label:bug-%

Labeled issues % matches any string

milestone:v1.0.0, milestone:v2.0.%

Milestone issues % matches any string

title:test, title:%test%

Issue with specified title % matches any string


Issue number

Labels can also specify dynamic dates as follows.

FilterDescription (assuming today is 2022-08-16)


@current_date is replaced by the current date. In other words, label:release_2022%08%16 is executed as a filter.


The @prev_date is replaced by yesterday's date. In other words, label:release_2022%08%15 is executed as a filter.


The @next_date is replaced by tomorrow's date. In other words, label:release_2022%08%17 is executed as a filter.

label:release_@current_date+1, label:release_@current_date-1

Following @current_date with +1 or -1 replaces the date relative to the current date. So the filter will run label:release_2022%08%17 or label:release_2022%08%15.

Specifying multiple queries of the same type is an OR condition. For example, milestone:v1.0.0.0 milestone:v2.0.0 is issues with a v1.0.0 or v2.0.0.0 milestone. However, this is an AND condition for labels.

A label or milestone containing spaces should be enclosed in double quotation marks, such as label: "hello world".

GitHub Project



Issue whose status field is ToDo


Issue whose sprint field is the current iteration.


Issue where the foo field is bar

Below are the filters for the classic project.


project-name:hello-pj (classic project)

Issues tied to the project

project-column:now-doing (classic project)

Issue tied to project column

Any keywords


github octocat

Issues containing the keywords (AND conditions)

To include spaces, use double quotation marks, such as "hello world".

Search keywords in issue body, author, assignee, label, milestone, repository, org, involves, review-requested, review, project-name and project-columns.

OR and NOT are not supported.

Exclusion and missing


-label:bug, -milestone:v0.0.1, -repo:nodejs/node , -involves:defunk ,

and more

Issues that do not contain the specified conditions

no:label, no:milestone, no:assignee, no:project, no:dueon

Labels, Milestones, Assignments,

and An issue with no project set up

have:label, have:milestone, have:assignee, have:project, have:dueon

Labels, Milestones, Assignments,

and An issue with project set up

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