Just download Jasper and set up a GitHub access token and you're ready to go.


Download the latest version of Jasper from and extract the zip file. Follow the instructions to complete the launch.

Setting up an access token

When Jasper is launched, you will be presented with a choice of GitHub or GHE (GitHub Enterprise), for GHE enter the hostname example
Next, you will need to enter an access token, which can be created from the Personal access token screen on GitHub. If you are using GHE, you can create an access token from https://GHE_HOST/settings/tokens. The required scopes are repo, read:org, notifications and user.
Finally, please check your settings and press OK. If your user name appears, you're done 🎉

Initial loading

Once the setup is complete, the system will automatically start loading the issue. This initial loading takes a few minutes or so - do not exit Jasper and use it.
To help you get started with Jasper, please read the "Basic Usage" section during the initial loading process.