This is a reference for Jasper's built-in browser.

To search within a page, press the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the page. Or you can search by pressing ⌘ + F(Mac), Ctrl + F(Window/Linux) on your keyboard.

Open with an external browser

To open the current page in an external browser, press the open icon at the top right of the page. Or you can press ⌘ + O(Mac) or Ctrl + O(Windows) to open the page.

Show URL

To view the URL of the current page, click on the Issue Information area at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can also display it by pressing ⌘ + L(Mac) or Ctrl + L(Window/Linux) on your keyboard.

Issue body diff

Displays the differences in the body of the issue, if there have been any updates to the issue body since the last time the issue was viewed.

Unread comment highlights and mini-maps

Highlight any comments that have been added or updated since the issue was last viewed. It will also display those highlighted comments on the map for you to see.

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