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Basic usage

Here's a basic guide to using Jasper. Just the basics are enough to help you learn how to use it, and then you will be able to browse issues efficiently.


After setup, it will automatically create Streams.
You can see issues/pull requests that are relevant to you. Basically, you won't miss anything if you look at this Stream. You can also filter by My Issues or My PRs.
My Issues
Issue I was creating
My PRs
Pull request you created
Issue/pull request to which you are assigned
Review Requested
Review requested pull request
In addition, the following notice will appear after a while. Follow the instructions to create other streams.


The following operations are particularly useful for viewing issues
How to operate
Show only unread issues
Select Filter by unread in the filter menu. Or press U on the keyboard.
Set the issue back to unread
Click the unread icon on the floating menu. Or press I on the keyboard.
Filter menu
Floating menu


Comments that have been added or updated since the last time you viewed the site will be highlighted.
For more information on how to use it, please refer to "Use cases" and "Reference".
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